Author: itexpertz

07 Feb

Budget Highlights 2016-17

The Budget in Brief¬†presents a synopsis of the Federal Budget 2016-17. It provides aggregated information on revenues and expenditures budgeted for fiscal year 2016-17 along with budget estimates and revised estimates for the outgoing fiscal year 2015-16. Detailed information is available in the relevant budget documents. Budgeting and accounting classification system used in the budget […]

07 Feb

Doing Business in Pakistan

This booklet has been produced by Abdus Slam & Co, Chartered Accountants for the benefit of their clients and associate offices worldwide who are interested in doing business in Pakistan.   Its main purpose is to provide a broad overview of the various things that should be taken into account by organizations considering setting up […]

07 Feb

Banking Survey 2015

Purpose of the Banking survey   The purpose of this survey is to give an overview of the financial performance of the banking industry of Pakistan during the year 2015 and compare the performance of different banks with the preceding year. For this purpose, the banking sector is divided into following three categories, namely:   […]